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Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Blucini’s Average Shop-Prep Day. AM/PM used for easy comprehension. In setting- they are called turns and earlynoon/afternoon

  1. Get up at 8-9 AM
  2. Make bed( she wants to be a neater person, it’s not something she’d usually do)
  3. Go downstairs from the small loft-type area she sleeps in.
  4. She gets water using a bucket from the pump outside and brings it in. This can require multiple trips.
  5. She waters the big mana tree growing inside the store.
  6. Start boiling water for breakfast tea
  7. Get tea ball out of storage chest by her bed.
  8. Check fridge for current leftovers, get depressed if she has none ready.
  9. Get an egg.
  10. Put a cast-iron pan over her fireplace too.
  11. Wait for water to boil and pan to get hot.
  12. Try to straighten up the shop floor and rearrange some potions.
  13. Check in on her renters and make sure they’re awake and everything isn’t trashed in the backroom.
  14. Go to door and flip “We’re OPEN!” sign around.
  15. Panic as the pot with tea water starts to foam up and almost boil over.
  16. Remove pot from fireplace.
  17. Drop tea ball into now-hot pot.
  18. Crack egg over hot pan and cook it. Eat egg for breakfast.
  19. Go to her luggage case, open it and pick out her shop outfit. She only has 2 good ones so she does laundry every 3rd day or so.
  20. Put on her apron. Put on thick gloves.
  21. Pour teapot water into tea jug, and put fresh water into the pot again for herbal blends and potion making. She needs the fresh water for diluting concentrations.
  22. Carry out heavy sealed Profiox curse-proof canisters with various magical cursed waters in them.
  23. Start measuring fresh water and cursed water in flasks and arranging them on her work counter. Uncorks potion bottles and get multiple funnels ready. Cross-contamination is a serious issue with curse water.
  24. Spend the next hour or so mixing and experimenting. Spend another half-hour cleaning up and carefully making sure there were no spills or leaks.
  25. Blucini goes over to the register and makes sure she has enough change in the drawer. Customers don’t usually come in until after lunch, when there is some foot traffic to the tea shop nearby or patients scheduled to go to the plague doctors operating next door.
  26. She feeds “Steed” her pet demon around noontime every day. He is not picky so he gets scraps/meat gone off. He will also eat cat food.
  27. At this point, she’s usually run out of stuff to do until noon so she’ll spend her free time reading or talking with Nina or Frell, if they’re visiting. Sometimes, she tries to rearrange inventory in the window for a better display but she doesn’t really like doing it.
  28. She deals with any customers she has in the afternoon and sometimes stands outside, offering potion samples or tries to interest people in older runescript books and writings.
  29. Blue takes a lunch break and usually eats meat-stew she makes the night before . She will take this time to brush her teeth after eating and brush her hair.
  30. Blucini will take a shower, shampoo and condition her fur every day. Puzzle, Nina, Frell or Atlas sometimes take over the register as needed or she flips the sign around to CLOSED temporarily.
  31. Business hours continue until about 4:30 PM
  32. Sweep inside and outside the shop around 5 PM as the sun goes down and everything cools off.
  33. If she’s doing laundry, she starts it after sweeping.
  34. Puts frozen meat chunks in pot around 7 PM to cook with broth.
  35. Blucini often has dinner at Frell’s boat or a place she meets Nina at halfway between her shop and the farm, where they compare days and catch up.
  36. She keeps a journal and to do list and fills those out right before bed.
  37. She tries to go to bed before 11 PM.

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Artist, animator, painter, writer, aspiring musician. Working on short stories for an animated series called Sparse. Pen name Lyn Mitre.

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