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Setting/pitch bible draft

An early outline of the details

image borrowed from here

Description/blurb in less than 10 words: An ominous curse is overtaking the town of Mistseek.

Main character descriptions

Blucini is an overachiever short on actual skills, experience, and wisdom. She is quick to joy and quick to despair. She often doubts herself and has difficulty trusting others, and it’s something she’ll have to learn to do to succeed. She is a small blue cat, about 3 feet tall. She can talk herself into, and out of, trouble very well. She is very young and immature, like a teenager. She has a stubborn never-say-die, never-give-up attitude that will see her through.

Nina is a patient socially-oriented and kind person. She’s been left a farm by her parents and it’s really hard work she wasn’t entirely prepared for. She hires workers seasonally and she’s just barely getting by financially in terms of profit but her land is paid for and she’ll never run out of food. She’s often exhausted/flustered by her two new friends. She’s a young adult rabbit but not middle-aged, tall and thin. She’s kind of the “mom” of the group but she didn’t ask for it.

Frell is a rough-and-tumble mercenary that refuses any job that doesn’t fit her character. She’d be a knight in a more typical setting. She has a large family with many siblings and she has had painful experiences and betrayals in the past. She has a heart of gold but a sharp tongue and is usually the first one to get angry or insult people. She is older than Blue but younger than Nina. Frell still has people close to her despite her rough edges because she’s very dependable.


The continent of Pendalosa sits alone in the ocean. It has trade agreements with an icy country to the north, currently unnamed. Working name Delida.

The town of Mistseek is on its eastern side and has a large bay. The bay is full of cursed water. The town is working around this problem and now exports artifacts made using the curses instead of mainly fish. It is surrounded by farms and further inland, mountains.

The mountains make travel over the desert difficult, so most people reach the town via boat. All races are anthropomorphic animals.

There are no humans in the setting and no plans on it.

The technology level is, roughly, “steampunk.”


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