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He began writing furiously across the paper, his quill feather dancing from side to side as the nib scratched the paper.

Dearest Julian,

You are my closest friend, my mentor. I trust no one as much as I do you. I trust this finds its way safely into your hands and that my courier was paid enough.

The creation of the Mana Revolution was, in fact, artificial and not a natural process. We always thought it was related to the web of leylines around Pevrea, concentrated heavily around our continent. But I have uncovered something that reverses everything we’ve previously known!

That proof lies in the fact that we have found artifacts that were nothmade.

There is no other explanation for the giant empty carcass of a manabeast south of the Pendalosan sea, on the remote island of the Essale Atoll. It’s currently being excavated and some of the discoveries made there will surely lead to many years of study and theories.

I’ve taken the liberty of including a relic with this letter. You will find it carefully wrapped and hopefully still intact. We have hundreds more like it! It is a silver tablet engraved with runes. Some look familiar, don’t they?

This clearly supports my previous position that using Mana was guided by nothkin themselves. Since this position is increasingly unpopular in both formal education and the dominant religion, you can understand my reluctance on publishing this.

With your name on such a discovery, I have no doubt that we could completely change the face of current archaeology as we know it.

Eagerly waiting your response,
Thames Reedwasher

He carefully placed it in the envelope, on top of the cloth-wrapped relic. He closed the box, sealing it with runescripted ribbons with an antitampering charm. Thames handed it to the bored pink frog in armor and gave her a bag of some of the most valuable runecoins he owned.

She carefully counted them out and nodded.

“Will you get it there in time?”

“I will absolutely try my hardest. I guarantee I will personally hand this to Julian myself.”

Thames looked relieved.

She had come with excellent recommendations for a job that required a certain amount of taciturnity and loyalty, as long as no one was hurt.

He would just have to wait and see.


Published by Watercolorheart

Artist, animator, painter, writer, aspiring musician. Working on short stories for an animated series called Sparse. Pen name Lyn Mitre.

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