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  • During the month of October, I’ll be trying a challenge to write 750 words every day. I may also do Inktober too, but I’ll be primarily focusing on the writing for a little while.
  • The setting of Sparse is something that’s been evolving over the past 2 years or so and I want to continue to watch it grow! The final goal is to have a solid and interesting chronology, set of magic systems and a history for the major characters / side characters playing roles in the story.

I’m just getting into screenwriting so since I’m a little rough at that, I’m doing short microfiction pieces in the kind of prose style you’d find in a novella.

I’m making a public blog because I’d love to share my writing with others and improve as a writer (it’s been a while since I wrote every day, nearly 8 years!) but I’m just not ready to make the leap to a major published novel or final script just yet so this lets me hone myself and look back over my work and tag it for my convenience. If you’re looking for older work by me, you can find some here: but I no longer update there much.

My work takes place in a fantasy setting aimed at teenagers and young adults. I want to animate it someday but it’s very ambitious (a total timesink!) and I’m still working just on modelsheets and my pitch bible. Writing lets me “live” in the setting at a much lower time-cost. It has nonhuman races, a mysterious cursed bay and an interesting cultural history. Some fictional settings are just Earth with just a few things changed. It makes me happy to think about the how and why things work so I’m indulging in that with this project.

I’m hoping to find other writers writing things fiction and find other fans that like things like Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Warrior Cats, Redwall, NIMH, Maomao and similar works and find something in my work that appeals to them as well.

By the end of 2019, I’m hoping to just have a better idea of the history of my world and the place of the people in it. I also want to finish my first script and make a rough draft of my pitch bible as well but that can wait for a New Year’s Resolution.


Published by Watercolorheart

Artist, animator, painter, writer, aspiring musician. Working on short stories for an animated series called Sparse. Pen name Lyn Mitre.

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