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Table of Contents

  • Ride to Dinner
    We’re friends, Nina echoed. My first real friend, not approved by my family. She found herself smiling back too, feeling a little silly but also happy.
  • (no title)
    I tried making a banner.
  • Omelettes
    I need to think of a way to advertise my store.
  • Moving Day
    Blucini told herself this was the right thing to do. With what had happened, she couldn’t hide in this mansion forever and avoid all contact with the outside world until the hysteria and suspicion passed. She needed a normal life and normal interaction. She couldn’t live the life of a caged pretty bird feranoth, its wings forever clipped.
  • Flute Lessons
    There was a stool set up for her to sit on, an empty musical stand, and another chair where her teacher would sit.
  • A Part of Life
    Proud of her plant, she brought it to show-and-tell the next day. She forgot it there, where it then stayed abandoned in the hallway for the next week, shriveled and died.
  • tried drawing Frell angry
    angry Frell
  • Breaking Down Barriers
    Nina grew up in a rural milieu, which shaped her preconceptions and biases against townsfolk. That didn’t change until she was away from her family while finishing up her education – and lived inside the boundaries of that same town.
  • Walking Lesson
    He took another step. She released his hand. Two more steps and he teetered again. She grabbed under his shoulder and held him before he fell over.
  • Table of Contents
    The Table of Contents: A list of related stories in order. Since I’m writing out of order, probably necessary for making sense of things.
  • Living Up to Her
    He would be the first one to walk into the newly-excavated building. He had received the letter the other day and it promised him that right.
  • Cataclysm
    The dishes and plates jumped up from the table, bouncing around and the glass fell the floor, covering the woken mats in broken glass. They screamed. Xandri leapt up.
  • Reflections In The House
    They were planning to infiltrate a really old house rumored to be haunted. The building was so ancient, it was closed off with a high fence and signs with warnings on them.
  • Some side characters
    Art of minor characters Zoya the nudibranch and Azio the deer
  • A Gray Day Ails
    The bell above the shop door tinkled as it opened. Frell looked over casually. Her eyes widened at the uncommon sight: some kind of colorful underwater slug slithered inside. Definitely not something she usually saw on land here.
  • All The Fun
    Atlas picked himself back up again. The problem had to be in the gears operating the flap of the wings. He might have tightened them too much. He went back to his workbench, took it off, adjusted the tension and put the straps back on. He made sure to add a little lubricant around the moving parts, in case that was the issue.
  • Here In The Blink of An Eye
    Worse, something was creating some new kind of noise and I didn’t like it at all. It was like echoey watery whispers any time it was misty or cloudy. It filled my senses during the thickest parts of moonrise. I needed my sleep!
  • A Dance in the Den
    The aunt’s face lit up with pure joy and recognition. “Yes! It is good to rekindle. Please eat the pie, while it is still hot. It’s not as good the next day. I hope you like it. It was nice to meet you.”
  • Things That Fall From the Sky
    The stars were gone. Well, some of them. All above overheard, in some kind of impossibly larger black shape. The shower of trails of falling stars in the other regions of the sky outlined it distinctly.
  • Terranmeda Pelixus
    Sketch of a two-legged raptor-like arctic fox
  • Busy Little Helper
    “Hold on.” Blucini was holding the jar of fish chunks over her head as Steed tried climbing up her body to get to them. Nina just laughed and didn’t help at all. “Do something!”
  • Waiting is Hard Sometimes
    Temnochi has a cup of tea on a cold, diffcult morning.
  • Lesson Learned
    Most of the other children where she lived had instruction in useful skills and practical abilities and here she was, just learning a bunch of useless dusty old facts she’d never be expected to remember or use in the future…
  • Who Turned Out The Lights
    He became aware of three things: the school library was very empty, it was completely quiet, and it was now almost totally dark.
  • Blucini’s average day (rough draft)
    Start measuring fresh water and cursed water in flasks and arranging them on her work counter. Uncorks potion bottles and get multiple funnels ready. Cross-contamination is a serious issue with curse water.
  • A Good Shower
    When she was on the streets for a while, it really got to her deeply when it was matted all the time and she felt dirty and gross. Now she owns several kinds of soaps, shampoos and conditioners with lovely herbal and spice-based scents: vanilla, lavender, mint, cinnamon, chamomile, chocolate.
  • Sleepy Surf
    Puzzle lay on the beach with her eyes closed as she felt the waves wash over her. She felt like after her accident, well, deliberate mistake, she should be afraid of water.
  • It Only Measures Time
    She taps a claw on the glass of the one she’s looking at and its measurement. Days until payment: 0.
  • An Early Morning Delivery
    I was sleeping soundly when a sudden and extremely loud banging on my door woke me up. Gods, what time was it?
  • Setting/pitch bible draft
    An ominous curse is overtaking the town of Mistseek.
  • Honey
    “It’s hungry, I think.” He measures out a spoonful of sugar out of the canister and fills the bowl from the tap. Atlas mixes the two, and gives the spoon to Puzzle.
  • A Precious Package and Letter
    This clearly supports my previous position that using Mana was guided by nothkin themselves. Since this position is increasingly unpopular in both formal education and the dominant religion, you can understand my reluctance on publishing this.
  • Wherein Puzzle Learns Conservation of Motion
    The raw air was like knives on her skin. She had grievously misjudged the potency of her artifact and now she was in trouble. Her brother’s …
  • Memories of the fish
    Blucini dangled her legs over the edge of the dock, kicking them back and forth. She flipped open the knife, took the rounded wooden block and began shaping it. Flecks and thin curls of wood fell into the water below. Black shapes moved beneath the water, already assembling in anticipation.
  • Waiting for a Crow
    Especially a crow with clipped wings. Of course, he wasn’t a crow, he was a cat. But she knew now he was a rook in his heart.
  • Tablets of Silver
    After all, the Great Shelled One was literally the ground under their feet. They had harnessed the power of the giant manabeast. Given a constant supply of hypernutritious mana pumping straight into its brain stem, it grew to massive size and only continued to grow with every passing decade. The top of its head had been carefully drilled into, leveled and now housed an entire city on top of its flattened dome.
  • The Subreddit for Sparse Project / Series writing
  • Purpose of this blog
    By the end of 2019, I’m hoping to just have a better idea of the history of my world and the place of the people in it.

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